Someone Else

It’s right around five and six months of sobriety that you begin to become a little edgy–at least that’s what they told me. I have been dormant on the blog due to many positive experiences from not using and was okay with taking a time out on writing. I knew there would come a time that I would have no other outlet for venting and that a pen and paper (or blog) would always be in close proximity, so I was on the prowl for new things–things I hadn’t done yet or always wanted to try. Lately, with regard to new and exciting activities, I’ve been at a bit of a stand-still thanks to a new job and the pursuit of a new degree.

There’s a song out there called, “Gold Guns Girls”. ( It’s not really about being sober/staying away from chemicals, but a great song is capable of being stamped on just about anything concerning excess.

Is it ever gonna be enough to just stay sober? Nope. You gotta work. You can’t forget that you gotta work. Not a nine to five, but a life to death. That’s the attitude you need to embrace. If you let it get the best of you, the risk for returning to a life wasted gets “more and more”.


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  1. Zac from Class

    I just hit 7 months and am working my way through the shift of seeing sobriety as a 9 to 5 to a life to death. Its easier to cope with in the beginning as a 9 to 5 because having short term goals makes it achievable. Every day is a win if you don’t drink. Every day you wake up and have one goal, and you do it. You feel like your making the changes need. Before you realize it whoa 4 months sober, 5 months, etc. But only then, it hits you again. Like a door slammed in your face, this never ends. At that point you need to face reality… Its ugly, and hard to swallow. I am lucky to have a good woman in my life to remind me to count my blessing. I am also lucky for many other things such as a great job, etc. This gets me through. Some people do not have this luxury, and I can’t imagine how they do it.

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